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Homelessness is an increasing problem in the Arctic - and the same is the case for the capital Nuuk, where Greenland's homelessness is most apparent.

Homelessness in Nuuk has some of the same characteristics as in the rest of the world: due to different forms of inequality (economic, social, etc.), people are attracted to the country's capital in search for better opportunities.

For some, unfortunately, this search ends in homelessness.

At Ilisimatusarfik, the research project The Social Dynamics of Homelessness in Nuuk focuses on this very problem. 

The research project focuses on many different aspects - because homelessness in Nuuk is complex. The focus is e.g., on marginalisation, the homeless' own experiences, contact and relationship with public institutions - as well as focusing on health and social factors that can cause homelessness.

Read more about the research project here.

Who are we?

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