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Kinguaariit Inuunerissut is a new project where young and elderly people exchange knowledge and work with culture, nature, body and traditions in a 1-week camp in summer followed by activities in autumn, and a 2-day final camp in winter.

Inspired by similar programmes for young people in Nunavut, Canada, the project will create and test an activity programme that promotes intergenerational community, based on research, with a focus on culture and nature.

The exchange of cultural knowledge and skills between elderly and younger people through sharing and storytelling has always been central to culture. With the development of modern society, many people move across great distances for education and work, for example. This can challenge the transfer of knowledge, culture and skills between generations.

We believe that developing community across generations will promote wellbeing, conversation, relationships and the exchange of skills and cultural understanding between generations. We hope that the initiatives developed can mobilize volunteerism and create community ownership. In this way, the strengths of families and communities can be enhanced and sustained.


The project is a collaboration between Centre for Public Health in Greenland (Ilisimatusarfik and University of Southern Denmark), Ageing in the Arctic (Ilisimatusarfik and University of Copenhagen), Qeqqata Kommunia, Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq and Paarisa. The project builds on the research team's experience in health research and cultural analysis of children, young and elderly people in Greenland, and will contribute with systematic knowledge of methods and well-being so that the concept can be implemented on a solid knowledge base in the future.

The project runs until 2022.

Who are we?