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Research project aimed at strengthening the management practice in Greenland, by developing empirical descriptions that analytically come close to the collective practices leaders are involved in.

Thus, the project becomes relevant in relation to the continued development of the Greenlandic business, both for leaders in the organizations studied, through dissemination in meetings and seminars, and in relation to developing education at the academic level.

Who are we?

Management in Greenland. An empirical study of the mid-level management activity

To continue to develop the understanding of management in Greenland, we will sharpen our focus in the next step of the project, and focus on the mid-level management activity. In practice, mid-level management activity is regarded as a central focal point for developing Greenlandic organizations, and the mid-level managers are referred to as the breeding ground for top-level positions.

The mid-level managers are often referred to as team leaders / team chair persons. The mid-level management activity is central, as it is here that many daily dilemmas are dealt with, thereby creating organizational development and quality. But also because it is here that managers develop and get ready to deal with major management challenges. Focus is on how dilemmas and paradoxes are dealt with on a daily basis - and how decisions are made. The purpose of the project is to analyze the mid-level management activity as it takes place in the Greenlandic organizations with the issues related to quality, recruitment and training for management professionalism. The study includes an analysis that follows managers' interactions in the relationships that are relevant.

The empirical work, in this part of the project, is rooted in Royal Greenland. This does not mean that the knowledge developed is only relevant to Royal Greenland. The analyses and knowledge developed in the project have a general interest and relevance for the Greenlandic business community at large. The relevance lies in an attention from the business community to develop the mid-level management activity and the opportunities and challenges it holds.

The analysis revolves around the following issues:

  • How do managers develop their vertical and horizontal practices?
  • How are specific management practices integrated with quality development?
  • How do managers create quality in the companies? 
  • How do managers orient themselves to what is happening? 
  • How to find implications of managers' education in their way of contributing to the organization?
  • To what extent can one identify need for academic training in management?

Below, you can see pictures from the empirical work at Royal Greenland.


On June 2, 2019, Management debate was held at Ilisimatusarfik with the participation of 15 managers from Bank Nordik, Brugseni, Bank of Greenland, Greenland Business, Katuaq (Culture House), Nukissiorfiit (Supply Company), Permagreen, Pisiffik, Royal Greenland and TELE-POST.

Interview and talks with 14 Greenlandic leaders in the period 2018 - 2019.

Participation and presentation of the inaugural project at the conference Economics and Development in Microstates, Islands and the Arctic, Nuuk, 2018.


The project has received funding from Ilisimatusarfik's 2% pool in 2018 and 2020.