Qimmeq - a hunt for the soul of the Greenland sled dog

Qimmeq - a hunt for the soul of the Greenland sled dog

Greenland’s sled dog culture and technology are more than 4,000 years old.

Without this dog the Greenlanders’ ancestors, the Thule people, would have found it difficult to colonise the new world in the Arctic region, and neither Robert Peary nor Roald Amundsen would have been able to conquer the North and South Poles.

Today, the traditional knowledge of dog sleds, its technology and cosmology still exist in Greenlandic society.

It can rightly be called the Greenlandic Sled Dog's Soul. But this knowledge has often not been written down, and now both the sled dog and the highly specialised knowledge are in danger of disappearing.

That is why a new Danish/Greenlandic interdisciplinary research project has embarked upon a hunt for “The Sled Dogs’s Soul”.

In close collaboration with the people of Greenland, researchers will chronicle the cultural significance of the sled dog and chart its genetic history.

Photographer Carsten Egevang (topbanner)

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