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Associate professor Annemette Nyborg Lauritsen from Department of Social Sciences has received DKK 100.000,- from Greenland Research Council for a research project on convictions to psychiatric patients and physically and mentally disabled people.

The purpose of the study is, firstly, to create an overview of the extent of convicted prisoners in Greenland with a special focus on physically and mentally disabled people and psychiatric patients. Secondly, to generate knowledge about the criminal law basis and practice in relation to different types of measures. In particular, to illuminate and identify issues related to the criminal law placement basis in relation to sending convicted people to Denmark.

The study will focus on the following issues:

  • Mapping of all sentences from 2010 (when the new criminal law came into force) to the end of 2019 - including the number of convicted people and their places of imprisonment.
  • Mapping of the criminal law placement practise.

The project is carried out in collaboration with associate professor, PhD Mette Rømer from Aalborg University.

The project forms an initial part in relation to a larger project, which examines handover practice between Greenlandic and Danish authorities, and the crime prevention efforts that are carried out at the institutions in Denmark where Greenlandic convicted people are placed.

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