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About the research project

Social policy is discussed through the production of popular articles, teaching materials and research articles.

The background for this ongoing work is an experienced lack of quality in the social policy debate, and a social policy that in several stages is centralized and governed after a too narrow perspective.

The work is about democratizing social policy and putting topics like homelessness, early retirement, public work and unemployment on the agenda.


An illustration of 50 years of social administration & social work in Greenland

By 2018, Greenland has officially had an independent controlled social and labour administration ...

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50 år med socialadministration og socialfaglighed – del 1

I år har Grønland haft en central socialadministration i 50 år. Den blev et historisk vendepunkt ...

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50 år med socialadministration og socialfaglighed: 2. del – socialpolitik, kommissioner og socialrådgivere med BA

Efter første artikels (TG 2/2017) fokus på Grønlands overtagelse af det socialt administrative om ...

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Sociale udfordringer hos et mindretal af grønlandske kvinder i Danmark skal håndteres i (Rigs)fælleskab
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Sociale forhold og socialpolitik i Grønland
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Socialpolitikken i Grønland skal udvikles med socialarbejderne og have et mere socialt blik
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Socialpolitikken i Grønland – empowermentopråb - vi kan hjælpe os selv
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