Project outputs

Project outputs

Publications relatede to the project

  • Arnfjord, S. & Christensen, J. (2016) Understanding the social dynamics of homelessness in Nuuk, Greenland, Northern Notes, Vol 45, Issue Spring/Summer 2016 (Forskning - Formidling)
  • Arnfjord, S. (2016) Social planning in Nuuk (Greenland) through intersectional cooperation – increasing the welfare of a marginalized minority - a rural/arctic case, Nordic Ruralities: Crisis and Resilience 4th Nordic Conference for Rural Research, University of Akureyri, Iceland (Forskning - Peer-review - Paper)



  • 18. maj 2016: Forskere vil give grønlandske hjemløse en stemme - artikel bragt i netmediet

Julia Christensen

Steven Arnfjord