Tusagassiuutit 2018 - Mapping the media in Greenland

Tusagassiuutit 2018 - Mapping the media in Greenland

In Greenland, national media are a key prerequisite for democracy. The media are a crucial information channel and a means of linking the scattered population together. For the same reason, the Greenlandic media are often the subject of debate.

The newly launched research project ''Tusagassiuutit 2018 " will contribute to this debate with knowledge about the media and the media content. The project will do this by gathering and systematically analyzing all news in Greenlandic news media on selected days. This will, for example, illuminate who makes themselves heard and who does not, what makes news and what does not.

This is done by means of a quantitative content analysis of the content in the news media based on the research question: What characterizes the content of the Greenlandic news media in 2018?

Besides this, Tusagassiuutit 2018 will also contain a detailed mapping of the Greenlandic media landscape (what media are present, how big are they, how does their economy look, who owns them etc.).

Data from the project will be collected in a database that can be used for later studies by e.g. future graduate and PhD students, and be part of teaching materials as part of an increased research based journalism education.

The survey will be repeated every two years, in order to demonstrate how the Greenlandic media structure and the Greenlandic media content develop. The results of the study is to be published in a reader-friendly report. The first report will be published in the fall of 2018.

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