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Ilisimatusarfik - Shaping the Arctic
Ilisimatusarfik is an Arctic university that creates knowledge and innovation in a region developing rapidly. Broadly, deeply and across: Through research, education and cooperation - Ilisimatusarfik is Shaping the Arctic.
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Present research Greenland Science Week
Greenland Science Week – a Greenlandic Arctic Science conference surrounded by research-related workshops and public outreach.
Present research Greenland Center for Health Research
Greenland Center for Health Research (GCHR) at the Institute of Nursing & Health Science.
Present research Homelessness in Nuuk
Homelessness is an increasing problem in the Arctic - and the same is the case for the capital Nuuk, where Greenland's homelessness is most apparent.
Present research Management in Greenland
Research project aimed at strengthening the management practice in Greenland, by developing empirical descriptions that analytically come close to the collective practices leaders are involved in.
Present research Mapping the media in Greenland
Mapping the media in Greenland - Ilisimatusarfik.
Present research Centre for Children, Youth & Family Research
Centre for Children, Youth & Family Research - Ilisimatusarfik.
Present research Arctic Oil & Gas Research Centre
Arctic Oil & Gas Research Centre - Ilisimatusarfik.
Present research Qimmeq - a hunt for the soul of the Greenland sled dog
QIMMEQ is a research project about the sled dog culture and the origin and genetic history of the sled dog.
Present research Social policy - Massakkut
Social policy is discussed through the production of popular articles, teaching materials and research articles.
Present research Ageing in the Arctic
Well-being, quality of life, and health promotion among older people in Greenland.
Present research ArcticChallenge
Arctic petroleum development as a challenge to societies: A comparative look at Norwegian, Greenlandic and US case sites.
Present research Rockwell Kent
The project, entitled Rockwell Kent and Early 1930s Greenland: A Comparative View of Environmental, Social and Cultural Change in Contemporary Greenland, brings together an international research team with Ilisimatusarfik, Jette Rygaard, and two from the US, Denis Defibaugh and Susan Vanek.
Present research MARPART
Maritime Preparedness and International Partnership in the High North.
Present research Greenland-EU relations
Greenland-EU relations - Ilisimatusarfik.
Present research Population Dynamics
Population Dynamics in Greenland - A Multi-Component, Mixed-Methods Study of Demographic Change in the Arctic.
Present research Climate and Society
Climate and Society - Ilisimatusarfik.
Present research Hunting - household economic importance
The importance of hunting and small-scale fishing in Greenland.
Present research Arctic Living Conditions
Survey of Living Conditions in the Arctic (SLiCA).
Present research Institute of Learning
Please refer to the Greenlandic or Danish site.
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