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Ilisimatusarfik is an Arctic university that creates knowledge and innovation in a region developing rapidly. Broadly, deeply and across: Through research, education and cooperation - Ilisimatusarfik is Shaping the Arctic.
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Centres Ilisimatusarfik's Centre for Arctic Welfare
Ilisimatusarfik's Centre for Arctic Welfare works with contemporary and historical welfare issues.
Centres Centre for Children, Youth & Family Research
Centre for Children, Youth & Family Research - Ilisimatusarfik.
Centres Centre for Pedagogical Innovation
Please refer to the Greenlandic or Danish site.
Centres Centre for Language Research
Collecting language research in general in cooperation with Greenlandic institutions as well as international institutions interested in working with languages.
Centres Greenland Center for Health Research
Greenland Center for Health Research (GCHR) at the Institute of Nursing & Health Science.
Centres Nasiffik - Centre for Foreign & Security Policy
Nasiffik - Centre for Foreign & Security Policy analyses Greenlandic foreign policy and international relations as well as geopolitical dynamics in the Arctic.
Projects ArcticChallenge
Arctic petroleum development as a challenge to societies: A comparative look at Norwegian, Greenlandic and US case sites.
Projects Ageing in the Arctic
Well-being, quality of life, and health promotion among older people in Greenland.
Projects Arctic crime
Arctic crime is an interdisciplinary research group on crime in the Arctic - with a special focus on crime in Greenland and the portrayal of crime in media and fiction.
Projects Arctic Oil & Gas Research Centre
Arctic Oil & Gas Research Centre - Ilisimatusarfik.
Projects How do companies create a better working environment?
This will now be explored in a new research collaboration between Ilisimatusarfik and the University of Southern Denmark.
Projects Children of the Arctic
The overall goal of this research network is to assess and study successful practices of sustainable development concerning children in the Arctic - considering the adaptation of indigenous traditional knowledge to contemporary conditions.
Projects Sentenced
A research project on convictions to psychiatric patients and physically and mentally disabled people.
Projects Forgotten Friends
An interdisciplinary research project about the so-called 'Old Friends' in a Greenlandic context.
Projects Rock flour
Can mud benefit the Greenlandic economy and simultaneously solve global problems?
Projects Greenland-EU relations
Greenland-EU relations - Ilisimatusarfik.
Projects Mapping the media in Greenland
Mapping the media in Greenland - Ilisimatusarfik.
Projects Homelessness in Greenland
Homelessness is an increasing problem in the Arctic - and the same is the case for the capital Nuuk, where Greenland's homelessness is most apparent.
Projects Hunting - household economic importance
The importance of hunting and small-scale fishing in Greenland.
Projects Kinguaariit Inuunerissut
Kinguaariit Inuunerissut is a new project where young and elderly people exchange knowledge and work with culture, nature, body and traditions in a 1-week camp in summer followed by activities in autumn, and a 2-day final camp in winter.
Projects Climate and Society
Climate and Society - Ilisimatusarfik.
Projects Management in Greenland
Research project aimed at strengthening the management practice in Greenland, by developing empirical descriptions that analytically come close to the collective practices leaders are involved in.
Projects MARPART
Maritime Preparedness and International Partnership in the High North.
Projects NorValue
The NorValue project investigates how people in Nordic Atlantic local communities are involved in connections and linkages crucial to their livelihoods and survival as a part of the Nordic Atlantic societies of Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands and Northern Norway.
Projects Population Dynamics
Population Dynamics in Greenland - A Multi-Component, Mixed-Methods Study of Demographic Change in the Arctic.
Projects Danish Realm research
Danish Realm research has as its focal point a research project entitled: "What can we all learn from Greenland and the Faroe Islands in the social and pedagogical field?" and will - in addition to articles and communication - also result in a textbook in all three languages for use in practice and in higher education.
Projects Qimmeq - a hunt for the soul of the Greenland sled dog
QIMMEQ is a research project about the sled dog culture and the origin and genetic history of the sled dog.
Projects Social policy - Massakkut
Social policy is discussed through the production of popular articles, teaching materials and research articles.
Projects ValuingNature
Give value to nature: learn how to measure what ecosystem services do for us.
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Do you need professional expertise - for example for an article or the like?

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