Research focus: Independent study of contraceptive practices in Greenland from 1960 to 1991 Read more
Ilisimatusarfik has designed a completely new kind of program: SILA bachelor in biology
What's happening at Ilisimatusarfik?
News|20. June 2024
Seminar for our new board
In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports & Church, we held a seminar for our new board on June 19
Board seminar
News|20. June 2024
Call for papers: Greenland crime scene - fiction & reality
Theme in Greenland Culture and Society Research
Call for papers
News|11. June 2024
How do we keep nurses - and nursing students?
Interview with researcher Carsten Juul Jensen
Carsten Juul Jensen
News|11. June 2024
Researchers receive funding from Greenland Research Council
8 research projects have received funding from Greenland Research Council’s Research Promotion Grants Program
Aviaja Lyberth Hauptmann
Najaaraq Demant-Poort
News|03. June 2024
Research ethics guidelines
These guidelines determine what is considered ethical research practice at Ilisimatusarfik
Research ethics guidelines
News|03. June 2024
Ilisimatusarfik's board
Together with Ilisimatusarfik's internally elected students and staff, the external members constitute the board from 1 June 2024
Ilisimatusarfik's board
News|30. May 2024
Greenlandic PhD students awarded prestigious scholarship
PhD students at Ilisimatusarfik Hans Peder Kirkegaard and Rikke Østergaard have been awarded Fulbright Arctic Initiative Scholarship
Press release
Fulbright Arctic Initiative Scholarship
News|28. May 2024
Project Uppik - Ilisimatusarfik's future campus
We are proud to present Project Uppik - an ambitious and exciting campus expansion at Ilisimatusarfik that we have started in collaboration with TNT Nuuk
Press release
Project Uppik
News|15. May 2024
Before contacting Ilisimatusarfik about research collaboration
If you wish to engage in research collaboration with Ilisimatusarfik as an external researcher or non-employed researcher, here are some relevant considerations you should take into account before reaching out
Research collaboration
News|07. May 2024
New free course for employees working with marginalised adults in Greenland
At Centre for Arctic Welfare at Ilisimatusarfik, we are proud to announce a new training programme created to support the dedicated staff working with marginalized adults in Greenland
Press release
Centre for Arctic Welfare
News|06. May 2024
New Greenlandic natural science program: SILA bachelor in biology
Ilisimatusarfik has designed a completely new kind of program: SILA bachelor in biology
Press release
SILA bachelor in biology
News|06. May 2024
Nunavik visits Institute of Learning
Thursday through Friday in week 16, and Monday through Wednesday in week 17, Institute of Learning at Ilisimatusarfik received a visit from 10 teacher students and two leaders from Nunavik in Canada
Press release
Institute of Learning
News|25. April 2024
Centre for Arctic Welfare met with Danish municipalities
Steven Arnfjord, head of Centre for Arctic Welfare, had a meeting on Tuesday 23 April with representatives from Aalborg municipality and Copenhagen municipality
Centre for Arctic Welfare
Steven Arnfjord
News|25. April 2024
Nordic Council of Ministers' Arctic Cooperation Program
Nordic Council of Ministers' Arctic Cooperation Program met 24 April to discuss the applications received for the open pool
Arctic Cooperation Program
News|15. April 2024
New head of institute at Ilisimatusarfik
We have the pleasure of welcoming Mari Kleist to a familiar framework - now with the position as Head of the Institute for Culture, Language & History
Press release
Mari Kleist
Future events
Event | 26. June 2024
Summer graduation 2024
Event | 02. - 03. October 2024
Foreign language material development
The purpose of the seminar is to communicate grammatical differences in Greenlandic, Danish and English in order to develop, write and publish material for foreign language teaching in the respective languages
Social media
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